Essay about Chaucer 's The Canterbury Tales

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Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales’ are some of the greatest works in literature. He takes thirty-one different characters of a pilgrimage and tells their stories from his perspective. He uses some of his characters as allegories or interpreted with hidden meanings. Two of the tales that are similar yet different are The Knight’s Tale and The Squire’s Tale. These two tales have the same underlying theme but the tone and saturation are different in their own respects. These two tales have good lessons to be told. The Knight and The Squire are represented with a father and son relationship. The Knight and The Squire are from the same class and vocation but they differ in the fact that each represents a different part of society. The Knight takes on the representation of how society should be and have been; and the Squire takes on the representation of how society is actually portrayed.
The Knight is one of the most prestigious characters of the pilgrimage. “He was lord and governor of Athens, And in his time such a conqueror. That there was no one greater under the sun. Very many a powerful country had he won; What with his wisdom and his chivalry, He conquered all the land of the Amazons,” (Chaucer, lines 861-866). He is a character who is based on and represents chivalry, heroism, and modesty. His standards are that which can be compared to a modern day gentleman. He dresses very simple for who he is. He wears a basic tunic and plain armor. As a knight he has fought…

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