Essay on Characteristics Of The Modern Day

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Atavism- Are traits of ancestors that have been inhabited in the modern day. For traits to be an atavism, an organism 's parents or recent ancestors can 't have the trait. They are a good support to the evidence of evolution due to many reasons. Firstly, traits appear that had disappeared generations before. They Can occur in several ways likes when genes for formerly existing phenotypical features are conserved in DNA, and then these become expressed through a mutation that either knock out the overriding genes for the new traits or make the old traits override the new one. The Genes do not determine what the organism is, but with atavism, they can sometimes serve as reminders of our evolutionary past. However, there are disadvantages to atavism and this includes, there is no reason to why it happens and what is had to do with natural selection as it has no involvement in it and there is now way to find out why a certain organism has suddenly developed such a trait. Lastly People may say that the appeared traits could just be random forms of mutation instead of relating to evolution.
Molecular biology and DNA-Is the Understanding of how different cellular systems interact with each other and how their DNA, RNA and protein synthesis function. All living things share A DNA sequence. The significance of this is that the similarity between certain DNAs are too great to think its just a coincidence meaning they must all come from a common ancestor. All living organisms seems to…

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