Censorship Of The Internet And Computers Essay

1217 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Currently in schools there are way too many restrictions enforced for the use of the Internet and computers. Computers and the Internet are used in schools to help enhance students’ learning and improve the academic statute of students. Instead it tends to hamper students learning as much or more as if there were no restrictions. Restrictions on computers should be reduced because they make it difficult to find information for research papers, students are more apt to get around the restrictions if they want to, and teachers are restricted by the firewalls that students easily pass. With loads of research pointing to Internet and technology use being distracting and not a healthy lifestyle, it is also worse than thought to be as Greenblatt says in his article “But Carr argues that the Internet is not simply a tool for distraction and time wasting. He says it affects how the brain processes information”(Greenblatt). The government spent “That’s itself part of a five-year, $20.5 million plan to improve education technology in the district”(A Free MacBook or Ipad in Every Student 's Hands). With the purchase of a 20.5 million dollar contract for students to fall into a trap of unsuccessful learning it is a wonder on why this was done. An even greater wonder is why they are greatly restricted to what they are able to learn even with the handicap of being forced to use computers. Researching has clearly been made harder if you are a student. A class had to do a research…

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