Categories of Computer Crimes Essay

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Categories of Computer Crimes
Keshia Lubin
Strayer University

Computer crime is any crime that has to do with a computer and a network. Computer crimes are criminal activities which involve the use of information technology to get illegal or unauthorized access to a a computer system with the mind set of damaging, deleting, and altering computer data. Computer crimes are include but are not limited to electronic frauds, misuse of devices, identity theft and data. Computer crimes do not necessarily have to involve damage to physical property. The computer could have participated in the crime or may have been the target. There are for common types of computer crimes computer as the target, the computer as an
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A person might just look at files on a computer but even doing this simple takes invades a person privacy like trespassing. Computers can be used as an instrument in a crime. In common law instrumentality is known for diversion of a lawfully possessed item which is an instrument to facilitate committing a crime. In this category the use of the computer is the crime not what is on it. Criminals manipulate the computer’s analytical processed which facilitating the crime. Crimes in this category include fraudulent use of ATM, theft of money from accrual, conversion, or transfer accounts, credit card fraud, fraud from computer transactions, and telecommunications fraud. Using an ATM machine you can fall victim to crime ATM machines can be converted to facilitate a crime. Another category in computer crime is computer is incidental to other crimes. In this category computer is no necessarily the intended target but is related to the criminal act. The computer helps the crime by making the crime occur faster, permits processing of greater amounts of information, and makes the crime more difficult to identify and trace. Crimes that might occur in this category are money laundering and unlawful banking transaction, organized crime records or books, and bookmaking. There are crimes that are associated with microcomputers, generates new versions of traditional crimes which fall into the category of crimes associated with the prevalence of

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