Benjamin Skinner Travels The World Essay

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Benjamin Skinner travels the world hears these people’s testimonies about their life’s and how they survived hell and “resurrected” into this new life. He travels to Haiti, Sudan, India, Eastern Europe, The Netherlands and suburban America to personally tell these stories that need to be told. With this book he has placed a vivid picture in our minds about the evil in this world now. Like the book explains it there is more slaves in the world today than at any time in history. He met his first survivor of slavery in 2003 the young man’s name was Muong Nyong he was the same age as him. I think knowing that this man could have been his classmate, knowing what happened to him just impacted his life to the point to drive him into writing this book and traveling the world to meet more survivors. Going undercover when necessary, Benjamin penetrated trafficking systems and slave victims, urban child markets and illegal brothels. The book begins with the story of how the author is flying to Haiti to buy a child from a salve master. He goes over the plan and what exactly to say and do when he gets face to face with the revolting human being if even human. He asks for a young child that can cook and have sexual intercourse but his intentions are the opposite he wants to free this child, wants to bring them back to the United States and give her or him the life every child wished for and desired in that country. He meets various families during his stay in Haiti while waiting for…

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