Benjamin Franklin 's Influence On His Community Essay

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Benjamin Franklin had a profound effect on his community, the city of Philadelphia, our nation and people all over the world. He is often believed to be one of the most prolific authors and contributors early to American literature. His idealistic views, wisdom and leadership approach are unmatched. Moreover, many life lessons can be learned from studying The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
Always surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who will propel you to greatness: Benjamin Franklin associated with a group of friends who all enjoyed. During one of their intellectual group meetings, he suggested that the members each bring their books to a common meeting room for the purpose of creating a shared reference library. The members agreed and shared books as a group for approximately one year. This idea propelled Benjamin to start the first subscription public library. Subsequently, he prepared a proposal and along with his friends of the Junto Club, obtained fifty subscribers who payed forty shillings each to begin with and ten shillings a year for the proceeding fifty years. Later, fifty more subscribers were added to the charter, launching the first North American subscription library. Initially there were few readers in Philadelphia but the effects of this library were profound. Reading soon became fashionable and other towns began to copy the library model born in Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin stated.
“It is become a great thing itself, and…

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