Essay about Benjamin Franklin And The Colonial Development Of America

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Benjamin Franklin was a product of the colonial development of America. He was the image of a self-made man who toiled, as did most of the colonists, and fought for their fortunes or lack-there-of. However, like most of the colonists felt before the war for independence, Franklin was also very proud and fanatical of the greatness of the British Empire. After countless encounters with Englishmen and the English press, monarchy, and parliament all fervently denying the value of the colonists, the support of an American gentleman could not be kept. Franklin and a large percentage of the Englishmen and women colonists could no longer support their casting as the bastard sons and daughters of England.
An ardent promoter of the British Empire and the monarchy, Benjamin Franklin saw London as a land of hope for all those desired to go. This hope, to him would be graciously extended to all American colonists, as they, too were Englishmen, subjects of the crown and endowed with “equal rights” as all mainland Englishmen were. Having lived in London for several years between 1725 and 1775, and having taken on both colonial and royal government roles in the colonies, Franklin would use his connections and his desire for education and improvement of man to become a gentleman. But he was not the ordinary gentleman. He understood the grievances of indentured servitude, having been a quasi-indentured servant to his printer brother before abandoning his home at 17, as well as, journeyman…

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