Essay on Are People Too Dependent On Computers

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Are People Too Dependent on Computers It is hard to imagine life without computers. Computers have opened society up to an entire world of possibilities. They give them the ability to do things previously unimagined. Computers and the Internet are used to work, shop, socialize, pay bills, access healthcare information, be entertained, and even acquire an education. People have grown to rely on these technologies and are too dependent on computers. Relying on computers without alternatives that are non-computerized, can cause service that is inadequate. Work, school, and business can come to a complete standstill. Computers have become essential in everything people do. They are in every aspect of life. They are in homes, school, work, and practically every place people do business. People rely on them for their convenience and speed. Computers have automated processes that were previously performed in a repetitive way. They allow for quick answers to almost any question. They usually make work easier, but their failure can cause major problems. Almost every business in the United States uses computers to complete daily tasks. Their use makes work quicker and more efficient. Computers permit some employees to work anytime and from anyplace. With computers companies can input data for reports, create spreadsheets, send memos, organize, maintain daily functions, and communicate with customers and clients. They allow for important contact through e-mail and instant…

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