Application of Reverse Engineering in Computer Aided Designing

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Reverse Engineering A brilliant method of taking an object apart and disassembling all of its mechanical components and analyze every bit of detail, enough to recreate a duplicate without fully understanding the original. Reverse engineering is used for many reasons, for example; a military obtains an enemy tank that is in good enough condition to be operated, they can have their engineers take the machinery apart and gain the knowledge on how to duplicate the same class tank without having to develop their own techniques. Another group of people that benefit greatly from reverse engineering are those who work with Computer-aided design, after disassembling a part and taking all the precise measurements they will have the ability to …show more content…
This ensured the Soviets that even if they were to go to war with one of the countries that was well equipped with their own versions of the ak-47, they still wouldn’t be as high quality as the Russian ak-47. There is a way the other counties could have obtained the complete design for the ak-47 or many of the other things that were replicated, it was nearly impossible because Russia knew what technology and what laboratory capabilities the other countries had and it could not compare to those that they had. Today when engineers design a piece of machinery for the military, whether it be a fighter jet or assault rifle, one of their objectives is to make it as difficult as possible to reverse engineer the structure keeping the design a mystery. One who is proficient with CAD programs can create and reverse engineer most objects. The procedure they would go through would require for the object to get measured using 3D scanning technologies like laser scanners or structured light digitizers, the data is than measured and processed in the right format and it appears as a CAD model. The 3D scanners are used to analyze an object and collect all the data on it in order to recreate a model that can be inserted in movie clips and video games, and still have an authentic and realistic appearance, there are applications for the iPhone that allow u to 3D scan using the iPhone camera. Businesses are using the 3D CAD models to understand the product fully and see what

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