Analysis Of Franklin D. Roosevelt 's New Deal Project Essay

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Krista L. Sweet New Deal Project

Introduction Franklin D. Roosevelt’s idea of the “New Deal Project,” was to promote the economy into recovery. The New Deal Project was known as the solution to the Great Depression. Franklin’s presidency was also known as the “New Deal.”
The Breakdown of the Great Depression
Many people began leaving the Dust Bowl states. Making the Pacific Northwest population grow steadily. Federal agencies began to create a vast public program for the unemployed. Many government industries also sponsored little jobs like photography. The country was facing a depression in 1929, there were very little money, and no jobs open to the public. Many banks had closed their doors by 1932, many people lost all of their savings as well. People didn’t have homes to live in, or food to eat because of the depression. With this idea of people betting on fights and taking a tax from that money the legislature hoped the tax money would pull them out of the depression but it did not work as they had planned. During the Great Depression people were very poor, didn’t have homes, or even food. With droughts, failing banks, the unemployed, and severe poverty, everywhere everyday more and more Americans sought help from the government. The camp DG-4 was responsible for the eradication of poisonous rodent control, plants, building minor roads, reservoirs, wells and truck trails. Not all Civilian Corps Camps were as luxurious as the one in Idaho.…

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