Analysis Of Benjamin Franklin And Frederick Douglass Essay

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Fox Slotemaker
Identity and Society- Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass

Both of these men, in both of these pieces of writing often struggle with their identity and the place they have within society. Franklin a man of many talents and expertise who had trouble fitting into the identity that society had for him but rather wanted his own identity and saw himself almost above society at the time. Douglass a self-educated African American man who also struggled with the stereotypes portrait on him by society, who would not conform to society at the time but rather diverge and become a very well respected social reformer and abolitionist. Society at the time of Douglass which is set between his birth in 1818 till publication in 1845 has many connections to society at the time of Franklin which is set about a century earlier from 1705 till his death in 1790. In both time frames the African American people are struggling with their place in society. The main connection between the two characters, Franklin and Douglass is both men are pioneers in their own right and break away from the societal norms to become great men on their own. Both are truly great self-made men.

Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass were both extremely successful in achieving their own goals. Both of them had a poor background and are a testament to rags-to-riches and they show this in their stories. The two of them have quite similar chronology of events to their lives taking away the…

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