An Investigation With The Computer Security Essay

1138 Words Nov 8th, 2015 null Page
It has come to my attention that our office may have potential liability issues due to the current way that we handle the computer security. The multiple servers that we house, as well as the individual PCs, have minimal security precautions.
Working from home for the last few years has changed my scope of work. My work is now done either by connecting to our servers remotely or by directly access our client’s servers or desktops. As you know, one of our client’s server had ransomware installed. This was costly for them to fix. In addition, it made their IT person contact me to discuss changing my current use of a program called TeamViewer, to something more secure. His suggestion was a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This conversation lead me to make an inquiry with our office’s own IT person. We spoke of all of the various connections that I use, LogMeIn, Join Me, TeamViewer, and Remote Desktop. Apparently, these connections are not secure, and do not protect us or the clients that we log into. This led me to think of how our office uses a universal password for most things. Additionally, all of the office PCs are always on, and not password protected. Each PC has full access to all three of our servers. The servers house all of our clients’ personal and business data. It would take seconds for anyone to alter, or steal the data. Full access is granted to our newest employees as well as interns. As our world of technology propels in a forward motion, we must take action to…

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