American Life in the Seventeenth Century: Study Notes Essays

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Ch3 Review
1. Most seventeenth-century English migrants to the North American colonies were laborers. 2. By 1700, English colonial landowners began to rely more heavily on African slavery because of a declining birthrate in England.

3. Regarding colonial life expectancy during the seventeenth century, life expectancy in New England was unusually high.

4. In the seventeenth century, white women in colonial Chesapeake averaged one pregnancy for every two years of marriage.

5. Compared to women in colonial Chesapeake, New England women were more likely to have their family remain intact.

6. In colonial New England, dowries were a common feature of marriage.

7. In colonial New England Puritan communities, the family was
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31. The witchcraft trials in Salem saw the original accusers recant their charges.

32. Class divisions in colonial North American cities were more real and visible than in rural places.

33. In the eighteenth century, religious toleration in the American colonies flourished due to the diversity of practices brought by settlers. was unmatched in any European nation. was enhanced because no single religious code could be imposed on any large area. grew despite laws establishing the Church of England as the official colonial religion.
All these answers are correct.

34. The Church of England was the official faith in Virginia.

35. In the English colonies, Roman Catholics suffered their greatest persecution in Maryland.

36. In the English colonies, Jews could not vote or hold office.

37. In the mid-1600s, New England Puritan ministers began preaching against the decline of piety.

38. The Great Awakening of the 1730s and 1740s had particular appeal with women and young men.

39. George Whitefield is associated with the Great Awakening.

40. As a leading figure of the Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards preached highly orthodox Puritan ideas.

41. Eighteenth-century Enlightenment thought suggested that people had considerable control over their own lives.

42. All of the following Americans made important contributions to

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