Essay about America 's School, By Benjamin R. Barber

1003 Words Nov 2nd, 2014 null Page
Benjamin R. Barber, who graduated from Harvard University in 1966 and was a consultant for President Bill Clinton, writes the essay, “America Skips School,” about America not taking education seriously. Barber writes about different statistics in this essay. One of these is how teachers are paid less than many other profession, a few of these being accountants, architects, and judges. America’s future is in the hands of today’s generation.
Barber lets us know that some changes are needed for Americas education system like, Americans even caring about their kid’s education, the amount of time spent in school rather than watching television, and giving the students a school based education not street based education. Barber writes, ” Americans do not really care about education—the country has grown comfortable with the game of, let’s pretend we care,” (229). This is a true statement because no one is making an effort to help make anything with education better. Not too many Americans are truly worried about our education system. In high school, I found myself watching movies more often than learning anything else. But the school board would be telling us that we needed to bring our test scores up because they were below average. How was I supposed to test better if I spent my whole school year watching Duck Dynasty in biology rather than studying an ecosystem, or even the human eye. With our education being so vital for the future why is there not more being…

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