Abortion : A Modern Day Issue Essay

1341 Words Jul 26th, 2015 null Page
A dark alley loomed before her, she knew it wasn’t safe in the dark, but it was a shortcut to her apartment and she decided to do it. Half way down the alley, a rough hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her into a dark doorway and violated her and left a beaten, bruised body in the alley. She was found by a kind old woman and over the months she realized she was pregnant. Her friends told her to get an abortion. This story is of course fictional, but abortion is a real issue that is still being fought in the courts today. Abortion in the cases of rape, as in the story, is more easily understood because of the trauma and the heartbreak of being raped. Along with abortion, poverty is also a modern day issue that needs to be addressed. Abortion survivors have powerful stories and people who have known poverty have a better understanding of suffering. In each instance, a Biblical worldview is always the best, most sure answer. In the emerging modern world, women finally had a way to get rid of a baby that they didn’t want before it was born. Just get an abortion. Kill the small little embryo before it becomes a human being. This is where abortion is not defined properly. Abortion should be defined as the killing of a baby before it has a chance to be born. Too often, women don’t realize what they are taking when they have an abortion. The people at the abortion clinics do not give the unborn baby justice and tell the woman that the embryo won’t feel anything. Sadly, many…

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