Essay on “Abigail Adams” by Janet Whitney

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Throughout our lives we have heard how women throughout history strived to become the best. We have heard stories about women going against society to gain equal rights and we have read about woman with extraordinary character that pursued the history of this world. One of these women is Abigail Adams, the only woman so far to be both wife and mother of a president. Sadly, however, “Abigail Adams” by Janet
Whitney is far from being a biography of her life. Janet Whitney arranges her material in chronological presentation.
She starts from how Abigail Adams and John Adams fell in love and got married. She continues on with the biography describing how John Adams came to presidency as Abigail Adams gave birth to his kids one
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Throughout the book the author describes in great depth and detail about the history that took place during the time of John and Abigail
Adams. She seems to have great knowledge on the American Revolution and describes many detailed descriptions about John Adams life.
Although the author does describe the events leading up to the
American Revolution, the author fails to depict the role of Abigail
Adams in the lives of her husband and others. I believe that the author thinks of Abigail Adams as an unflattering topic, which is ironic because the author decided to write a biography about her. The author wrote the biography in a way that seems like John Adams is the highlight of the life of Abigail Adams and that Abigail Adams was a small influence in the road to presidency for John Adams. The opinions of the author are not directly states in the biography.
But there are certain parts of the book that shows an indirect opinion of Abigail Adams. As quoted in the biography, the author writes, “She freely expresses her longing to see him…she freely expresses her reliability on him…and the extent to how much she needs him in her life.” (Whitney page 113). The author believes that Abigail Adams felt like she needed John Adams in her life because she relied on him so much. Nowhere in biography does the author cite specific evidence as to why and where Abigail would say this. This also highlights the statement I said

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