A Tale Of Two Theories : Political Philosophy And Humanism Philosophy

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A Tale of Two Theories: Political Philosophy and Humanism Philosophy “Are not the Confucians rites and the Legalist laws one and the same notion? One could think so, as these rites and laws have the same goal: to regulate the behavior of each individual so as to establish a social order.” China’s modern day success story can be traced back to 6th century B.C.E, when two of the most significant political philosophies began to shape the culture: Confucianism and Legalism. The two philosophical theories, equally impacted Chinese civilization on a grand scale; signifying the establishment and the cessation of the first Chinese emperor’s dynasty, and the elongated success of another. Although the philosophies principles sought after a common objective, the obtainment of obedience through social structure, the opposing viewpoints developed controversy between advocates for Confucianism and Legalism as they contrast in moral and political overtones. Whereas legalism focused on centralized governing of persons through protocol or political procedure, conversely Confucianism focused on improvement by means of organizing society and morality along family lines. Nevertheless, the correlation of these theories go beyond the development of the dynasties, towards a larger focus of the link between the state and the present Chinese belief systems.
“Even before seeking the common good, the first objective of power is to continue to exist, thus to ensure the durability of the system.”…

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