A Research On Battling A Fatal Disease Essay

1437 Words Nov 17th, 2014 null Page
When one thinks of a charity, what comes to mind? Most likely, an organization or a group of people that receive donations to help improve the quality of lives of others, whether it be by letting a terminal child live out their last wish, or furthering research on battling a fatal disease. Most people are simply content with living with their assumption, continuing to live on with their life after donating however much they feel necessary. They are the ones that are preyed upon by the more dishonest and misguiding charities that exist in the world. Constant phone calls, e-mails, and letters in the mail are trademark indicators of these charities. But, when nobody checks up on the charity contacting them, one can simply be content in thinking that these are common behaviors. Others prefer to take a more sinister approach to collecting money and decide to play off of the collected sorrow and fear of a notorious illness to entice people to donate. Together, these traits seem like they belong in some type of Disney movie that chronicles the triumph of a young hero over a corrupt organization. Amazingly, that is closer to the truth than one might think, especially when one of the biggest offenders is a household name all across America. Charities and fundraising in America should be more heavily scrutinized and be forced to meet stricter regulations. Figuring out how to allocate money throughout a charity is very important. In fact, it is so important that metrics exist to rate…

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