A Day Of Reflection : Theme Essays

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I. Welcome: A grace-filled morning, everyone! Today, we continue to immerse ourselves in the abundance of God’s grace in our lives through this day of reflection. This is an opportune time for us to spend a special moment of silence, prayer and reflection with God, the Source of all goodness. God continues to share with us His infinite goodness by giving us Jesus Christ, His only Son, who selflessly share Himself with us through His life, death and resurrection. His life is a concrete reflection of God’s love manifested through His public ministry with people from all walks of life, especially with the sinners and outcasts in the society. One of the remarkable expressions of love with these people was His sharing of meal with them. This morning, we shall experience in a deeper way Jesus’ love through our encounter with one another through this day of reflection with the theme “SHARED MEAL…SHARED LIFE!” May our sharing of this day be a shared expression of our love towards Jesus who continues to call us to partake with Him in His mission. Having this mind and heart, we call upon His presence in our midst as we pray.

II. Opening Prayer/ Song:
A video presentation will be shown first: ONE BREAD, ONE BODY
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OshpSD0z1ts

Our Heavenly Father, the Source of all goodness,
We praise and thank you for the gift of life.
We praise and thank you for gathering us together in this…

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