A Day By Ian Robson Essay

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Ladies and gentlemen, Ian Robson, Ian. Ian was a son, a husband, a good friend, and later he was a dad, a granddad, and even a great granddad too, but, most of all, he was a provider. He was a man that would not see his family want for anything, or get into borrowing to do it either, well, that he knew of!

Ian was a generous man, always helping others, where he could, like the poppy appeals, and TA fund raising events, but, especially, where the family were concerned.

I am John F Brown and I have the privilege to be your Civil Celebrant for our time here today.

Ian’s story starts back in 1942, right in the middle of the second world war. He was brought up mainly by his mum Mary Marie, or, Mary, because unfortunately his dad was killed in the war. I’m not sure exactly where Ian was born, but presumably it was over here in the West End because, what we do know, is that he grew up, and went to school, in Scotswood.

Now, Ian was good at school, a very bright lad, by all accounts, well, he must have been, he passed his 11 plus and went on to Atkinson Terrace School, only the brainy kids went there! But even though he did well at school, when he left, he was more interested in doing something with his hands.

Ian got himself a job working at the Steel works, I’ve heard that he was a trainee draftsman for a while, but I have also heard, that he worked in the rolling mill at Delta Steelworks, I’m sure he probably did both over the years.

But it was only for a few…

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