Essay on A Day At The Life Of Working With Cj

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A day in the life of working with CJ.

Walking into class I sit at his desk while he sits in the circle for morning meeting he then decides half way through meeting that he is missing his water bottle and needs to go get it immediately. He demands that I go and get it for him to which I reply he can wait to get it until morning meeting is over. He insists in a nasty voice that he needs his water bottle so I tell him he can go get it then. He proceeds to get up and walk out of the room to which I take his arm and we walk down to the SPED room. On the way down he is touching the walls with his feet and hands we get the water bottle and return to class where the class is getting ready to go outside for extra recess time. He is fine out there and is playing with other children nicely. We return to class where it is work time and he starts to get loud and disruptive in class. I take the work and start to leave the classroom with him in tow. blurs together not sure if we made it down to the SPED room or not at that point. We were in the classroom at some point in the morning when he started to be loud and obnoxious in the classroom so I removed him and took him to the quiet room. He proceeded to act like a caged animal in there trying to find a way out. I did not speak to him except to say once that “he knew what he needed to do to leave the room” He became irritated at the fact that I would not speak to him at all and started to stomp on my feet. When that got no reaction he…

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