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Taylor Bordosky

46 Pages Book Review

Julie Pitt

History 1301-5040

25 February 2014

Scott Liell, 46 Pages: Thomas Paine, Common Sense, and the Turning Point to Independence, ISBN 9780762418138.

Scott Liell’s book 46 pages: Thomas Paine, Common Sense, and the Turning Point to Independence ultimately describes Thomas Paine’s life and showcases the struggles he went through and the outside forces that influenced him to write Common Sense. Liell’s book also expresses the importance of Common Sense, stating that it is the “single most influential political work in American history” (16). Paine was born and raised in England, in which the King and his monarchial rule would have evident influence in his later
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In a way Paine looked up to Franklin and greatly admired his work. Liell says, “He idolized Franklin and no doubt drew inspiration from the achievements of this great man whose beginnings were so similar to his own” (42). Franklin had strongly encouraged the young man to go to the new world because he felt it would be so full of opportunity for him. So it came as no surprise that Paine would listen and take Franklin’s advice to travel to the new world. These two men also shared many of the same values and beliefs that would be realized further when they were both in Philadelphia together. Because of this, Franklin was able to act as a type of guide to Paine, which further encouraged Paine to put pen to paper and create the pamphlet Common Sense. 46 Pages is a great work and accomplishment by Scot Liell. The author effectively conveys Thomas Paine’s life in way readers can easily understand. He also effectively explains the significance of the time, the place, and people that Paine had around him and how each of these factors influenced his style of writing, all of them ultimately leading to the writing and publishing of Common Sense. Liell uses many sources to support his work. He uses quotes from other bibliographers to validate his arguments as well as actual historical facts. His thoughts are very well voiced throughout the entirety of his book, making it a very real, honest, and enjoyable

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